About Wonderscapes Pty Ltd

So who is WonderScapes and what do we do?

This website has been created to let you know all about Wonderscapes Pty Ltd. It’s our place to present the work we do and our story.

We are a dedicate hard-working family team. Our days start early before the sun gets too hot to get the most out of our day. Our focus is on the job and we manage the process well. We take great satisfaction in visiting a site and walking the perimeter with you, to understand your vision. We need to know your story, and how you intend to use your garden. Understanding how you will use the garden will help us create a warm and friendly outdoor family area.

Our jobs can take from one day to many weeks, so please involve us early in the planning process, so that we can allocate the time and resources necessary to do the job well. Most jobs required ordering sand, stone, turf and other materials, all these things take time, please make sure you have allocated enough time to make it work.

I am sorry, be we are not architects or designers or office workers. We get our hands dirty and we appreciate a glass of water and a chat. We are hands-on and will move the ground with rake and shovel to create the garden beds, retaining walls, paving and decking for your outdoor areas.

We don’t do everything ourselves, we know our limitations, so we have built relationships with builders, concreters, excavators, plumbers and electricians that we rely on to get the job done. We take responsibility for the project so you only have to talk with us.

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